Our Policies and Principles

Holco has built an industry-leading reputation for superb products at realistic prices backed by outstanding customer service. We pride ourselves on our safety, our strong environmental policies and our commitment to responsible and sustainable growth.


At Holco Fine Meat Suppliers we have a long standing Commitment to consistently provide Safe Products of excellent Quality to our Customers that satisfy their requirements and that conform to all relevant Government Regulations.

At Holco Fine Meat Suppliers our Food Processing Operations and Cold Storage Operations are closely managed by utilising our comprehensive HACCP based Quality System which is regularly audited every year by an internationally recognised Certification Body.

Our Quality System meets all the Food Safety and Quality Requirements as listed in the HACCP, Spotless and Compass Group Food Safety Standards Codes and the Australian Standard for the Hygienic Production and Transportation of Meat and Meat Products for Human Consumption.

Our automated Product Labeling Systems meets all the Labeling Requirements as listed in the AUS-MEAT National Accreditation Standards and the Australian Food Standards Code.

Our Production Staff and Cold Stores Staff through our intensive Induction and In House Training Program understand our Quality Policy Objectives and our Commitment to being the Supplier of Choice out in the Marketplace.

The Senior Management Team at Holco Fine Meat Suppliers is totally committed in looking for ways to continually improve our Quality System, Food Processing and Cold Storage Operations and Customer Service in order to further enhance our leading reputation within the Meat Industry.

Holco places great emphasis on the safety of our employees as well as the safety of the product and service we provide our customers.  It’s why we continue to invest heavily in engineering innovation for our processing – along with world-leading occupational health and safety technology.

Occupational health and safety systems are continually reviewed to ensure a safe work place.  Food safety is achieved and maintained through the strict HACCP based food safety procedures internally and externally by the auditing regime.

Our paddock to plate approach is integrated with the following processes and procedures to ensure this is maintained:

  • Strict temperature control processing
  • Product ageing and Stock Rotation
  • Daily operating procedures to manage temperature controls of products being delivered.
  • HACCP Certification is currently held by all plants

Holco has adopted Occupational Health, Safety, Welfare & Injury Management Systems and has accreditation to Workcover.



We are committed to further reducing our environmental footprint, even as we grow our business. We have a strong record of investing in initiatives and programs that reduce our greenhouse gas emissions, water usage and waste; and increase the recycled material in our packaging, as well as its recyclability. We are also committed to environmentally sustainable sourcing of inputs.

We have strong environmental policies specifically in relation to continual improvement of Green Initiatives.

These initiatives include but are not specific to:

  • We recycle all the cardboard boxes
  • All cardboard cartons are low sheen, recyclable and bio degradable
  • We installed a High pressure, low volume water system
  • We recycle all the plastic in the warehouse, including all the stretch film that the pallets come to us
  • We utilise e-file PDFs for specials and product guides to save paper
  • We are looking at installing solar panels on the roof of the plant
  • We are using a biodegradable soap in the work room which helps lessen the use of water for wash down
  • We recycle all the paper in the office
  • We have started utilising smaller diesel delivery vehicles that get triple the fuel mileage
  • We have installed auto quick dry hand dryers to replace the paper towels
  • We are installing a refrigeration timing system that will save 35% a year of energy use to refrigerate our 50,000 sq ft warehouse

Sustainability is about considering not just our economic growth potential but also the social and environmental implications of the decisions we make. As a collective group within our community it is our responsibility to preserve the natural resources we rely on for current and future generations, and encourage the healthy and responsible enjoyment of our products. Therefore, we align ourselves with sustainable suppliers and partners.

Our pursuit of responsible sustainable growth is guided by our core purpose – continually review our systems and operations to find more sustainable business opportunities & functions. We invest in our core strategic assets – our people, production facilities and supply chains, to drive long-term sustainable growth.