The Wholesale division of Holco Fine Meat Suppliers mainly services the butchery and supermarket channels throughout South Australia.



Our Wholesale division services an array of wholesale customers through these channels with products ranging from hanging lamb carcasses, pork carcases to cartoned beef, lamb, pork and veal.

With an extensive service area through South Australia and the Northern Territory, we pride ourselves in being industry leaders in the meat wholesale industry.


Tiss Simeoni

Procurement & Strategic Manager

T (08) 8162 8400
E tsimeoni@holco.com.au

Chris Rankin

Wholesale Manager - SA

T (08) 8162 8400
E crankin@holco.com.au

Rob Warman

Wholesale Supervisor - SA

T (08) 8162 8400
E rwarman@holco.com.au