All sheep cuts are classified under standard AUS-MEAT categories.

They are available prodominantly in grass fed and grain fed, and can be portion cut to your specifications. Holco supply a range of branded lamb loin cuts, non loin cuts , value added and processed products.

Pasture Fed

Pasture fed means that the animal has spent their entire life grazing pastures.

Sometimes due to seasonal limitations and requirements, pasture fed cattle are given supplementary feeding on silage and grain.  Grass fed lamb when finished on fresh spring pastures has the amazing blend of texture and flavour. The different taste you will find when eating a Grass fed steak is due to the flavour of the grass coming through in the lamb.

With a succulent earthy flavour, free range pasture fed lamb has an impeccable eating quality and presentation.

Grain Fed

The strength of Grain Fed lamb is that it is consistent all year round due to the weather elements being taken out of the equation. Due to the finishing process on grain the eating quality and tenderness is improved. Other meat characteristics like marbling (intramuscular fat) are also increased all leading to more tender cuts.

The lamb is guaranteed to have good eating qualities and chefs can then put their own flavours with it to create exactly what they want.


Meat Standards Australia (MSA) is a sheep meat eating quality program designed to take the guesswork out of buying and cattle and sheep management practices, processing systems, cuts, ageing periods and cooking methods have been researched to determine the impact each has on eating quality.

Thomas Foods Signature

Thomas Foods was also the first major lamb processor to adopt MSA grading technology for lamb, to further underpin our quality – a particular feature of our SIGNATURE, premium range.

Paringa Farm

Primarily a Suffolk cross bred lamb, sourced from the rich fertile pastures of the Adelaide Hills and Fleurieu Peninsula, then finished off on grain at Paringa Farm at Callington, South Australia.

No growth hormones or chemicals are used to produce Paringa Farm Lamb, just lush open pasture before being finished off on a quality Grain Fed program for a period of 40 days that guarantees eating consistency and a greater yield all year round.

Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Lamb are not confined to feeding yards they are free to roam on the farm.  They’re not artificially managed or fed grain treated additives but instead feed on natural sub clover rye grass – resulting in a flavoursome, high quality, and tender meat.

Kangaroo Island Lamb is as natural as Kangaroo Island itself. The islands mild climate, the lush and pristine spring pastures, the stress free environment together with the maritime surroundings produce tender choice lamb with a subtle salt like sharpness – a result of the sea spray combining with rain on a pasture.

Junee Gold

Junee Gold is premium pasture fed lamb that delivers high quality meat & great value for money. Junee gold lamb is raised on grass in the rich Riverina region of NSW then finished on grain for 35-40 days.

This process promotes exceptional flavour and tenderness and ensures the highest quality lamb is consistently available all year round.

New England Gold MSA

New England Gold Lamb is derived from the vast lush green pastures of the New England region of NSW.

The cool temperatures of the New England provide a perfectly balanced climate for lamb production, with a broad range of native grasses flourishing throughout the region.  With the Peel River system and Dangar Falls filtering throughout the district, a constant supply of pure, fresh water allows lambs of the New England to lead a relaxed, well nourished lifestyle.

With no added hormones and antibiotic free, New England Gold has eating quality assured the Meat Standards Australia grading program, ensuring a tender result.

Loin Cuts - Tenderloin, Backstrap, Rump, Racks


Traditionally, the sweet cuts, these products are offered as whole primals or can be portion controlled.

Holco remains the leader in portion-control, with state of the art technology and supply capacity. This means that our customers can trust Holco’s products for consistent appearance, size and weight, every time.

Non Loin Cuts - Legs, Shoulder, Flaps, Shanks

Also know as roasting cuts or braising cuts non loin cuts are versatile and range in quality and grades. These products can be ordered whole or portion controlled.

Value Added - Loin Chops, Forequarter Chops, Cutlets, Diced, Stripped, Mince


Utilising the cuts such as topside, chuck, round and brisket – Holco prides itself of the high quality value added products.  We can produce various diced, minced and stripped products to suit your specification and requirement.

Manufactured - Schnitzels, Sausages, Rissoles


Holco prides itself on the quality, consistency and variety of its schnitzels and corned products.   We have adopted various technologies and mechanised where possible the production process to ensure we produce the same high quality of product, day in day out. Our schnitzels and corned products are made fresh every day and we ensure the premium taste and shelf life.  Ask your Business Development Executive or our Customer Service Team about a complete list of manufactured products.