Holco source local poultry products from a range of branded and non branded suppliers. In our production facility in South Australia, we bone our own birds to maximise freshness which also allows us to portion control to our customers exact specifications and requirements. We range predominantly grain fed and free range.

Grain Fed

The majority of chickens boned and processed through Holco are Grain Fed or Grain assisted.  This allows for fast muscle development and consistent growth.

We use the locally grown produce and bone between 30,000 and 40, 000 birds a week at our production facility in Cavan, South Australia.

Free Range

Free range means chickens have access to paddocks outside during the day (weather permitting) and are free to roam, scratch and peck. Ingham Free Range chickens are gently herded into their sheds at night to prevent attack by natural predators such as foxes.

Fed a grain formula to supplement their natural diet, Free Range chickens (as well as their normal counterparts) are not given any hormones or steroids and all feed is formulated to meet strict Free Range Egg and Poultry Australia (FREPA) standards.

Inghams Free Range

One of Australia’s largest poultry suppliers, Ingham, now produces free range chickens for the Australian market. Similar in look and size, free range chickens are nutritionally equivalent to other chickens however they may offer a slightly different taste and texture as the chickens have access to natural food sources in their diet.

To be assured you have purchased Free Range Chicken, look for the FREPA logo on the pack, which means the chicken has been farmed, audited and accredited in accordance with FREPA guidelines.

Barossa Farm Produce - Corn Fed & Organic

The distinctive colour and taste of Barossa Farm Corn Fed poultry results from their specialised hormone-free grain diet which includes up to 30 per cent corn products.

This diet gives the birds their golden colour and succulent flavour.

Loin Cuts - Breast, Thigh, Kiev, Tenderloin, Leg Fillet


Traditionally, the sweet cuts, these products are offered as whole primals or can be portion controlled.  Holco remains the leader in portion-control, with state of the art technology and supply capacity.

This means that our customers can trust Holco’s products for consistent appearance, size and weight, every time.

Non Loin Cuts - Drumsticks, Wings, Maryland, Thigh Cutlets, Necks, Cages, Whole Birds



Also know as roasting cuts or braising cuts non loin cuts are versatile and range in quality and grades. These products can be ordered whole or portion controlled.

Value Added - Diced, Stripped, Mince, Skewers, Satays


Utilising the cuts such as topside, chuck, round and brisket – holco prides itself of the high quality value added products.

We can produce various diced, minced and stripped products to suit your specification and requirement.

Manufactured - Schnitzels, Sausages, Rissoles

Holco prides itself on the quality, consistency and variety of its schnitzels and corned products.   We have adopted various technologies and mechanised where possible the production process to ensure we produce the same high quality of product, day in day out.

Our schnitzels and corned products are made fresh every day; we ensure the premium taste and shelf life.  Ask you business development executive or our customer service team about a complete list of manufactured products.