All Pork cuts are classified under standard AUS-MEAT categories.

They are available prodominantly grainfed and moisture infused grades and can be portion cut to your specifications. Holco range its own brand of Grain Fed pork as well as our moisture infused range of  pork loin cuts, non loin cuts , value added and processed products.

Moisture Infused

Moisture Infused pork has been infused with a solution of water and salts. This has been done to help the pork stay moist, juicy and tender after cooking and improve eating quality. Infused pork is available from several certified supplier and is growing in popularity.

Infused Pork can be cooked by all the same methods you would usually cook pork: pan fry, grill, BBQ, roast, stir fry, etc. Cooking is even easier with Infused Pork, as the tender and juicy meat means it’s harder to overcook and dry out.  Suggest your customers try it on the BBQ for guaranteed juiciness.

Grain Fed

The majority of pork produced in Australia has a grain supplement program. Feeding programs for pigs are generally made up of predominately grain or grain assisted diets.

This ensures consistent and steady muscle to fat growth through the life of the animal.

Murray Valley

Murray Valley Pork is a premium pork range that has been hand selected from only the finest quality and undergoes a rigorous selection process in order to be selected into the Murray Valley Pork range. It is produced in accordance with the high Quality Assurance Standards of the Moisture-infused Quality Certified Trustmark.

Our aim is to consistently produce a superior quality product that will deliver a fantastic eating experience every time, leaving you to look good and feel great! Murray Valley offers the convenience of easy to prepare, easy to cook versatile meals.

We guarantee our produce to be: tender, juicy, succulent, flavoursome…lean, fresh and healthy.


A lifetime of breeding has been invested to provide you with this excellent eating quality.

Grain Fed in the Gawler River district of South Australia, this quality assured succulent pork combines leanness with flavour and achieves the marbling traits of the very best of meats for your enjoyment.  All stock are a blend of three pure breed animals, being Duroc, Landrace and Large White to give consistent marbling throughout the meat and maintaining low fat scores on the rest of the animal.

Due to the fast growing nature of pork, the animals are harvested between 20 to 22 weeks.

Loin Cuts - Loins, Fillets, Belly, Racks, Scotch Fillet (Neck)


Traditionally, the sweet cuts, these products are offered as whole primals or can be portion controlled.

Holco remains the leader in portion-control, with state of the art technology and supply capacity. This means that our customers can trust Holco’s products for consistent appearance, size and weight, every time.

Non Loin Cuts - Legs, Shoulders, Hocks, Trotters

Also know as roasting cuts or braising cuts non loin cuts are versatile and range in quality and grades. These products can be ordered whole or portion controlled.

Value Added - Loin Chops, Forequarter Chops, Cutlets, Diced, Stripped, Mince


Utilising the cuts such as topside, chuck, round and brisket – holco prides itself of the high quality value added products.

We can produce various diced, minced and stripped products to suit your specification and requirement.

Manufactured - Schnitzels, Sausages


Holco prides itself on the quality, consistency and variety of its schnitzels and corned products.   We have adopted various technologies and mechanised where possible the production process to ensure we produce the same high quality of product, day in day out. Our schnitzels and corned products are made fresh every day; we ensure the premium taste and shelf life.  Ask you business development executive or our customer service team about a complete list of manufactured products.