Want to know more about our products, prices or delivery schedules? Our frequently asked questions may have the answer.

For more information our Adelaide customer service team are happy to assist on (08) 8162 8400.

When is the latest I can place an order for next day delivery?

Depending on the destination of the order and whether the stock needs to be chilled or frozen, generally, all deliveries for the metropolitan area need to be placed prior to 10am the day prior to the intended delivery date.

What if I have a question about a product?

Any questions relating to products, packaging, shelf life, etc. should be directed to your business development executive. If you are unsure of your Business Development Executive, please contact your Food Service Manager or customer service department in your relevant state.

Who do I speak to about making alternate delivery arrangements?

Holco has a policy of not delivering to residential addresses and we will not deliver unless there is someone to accept the order and sign an invoice or proof of delivery.  However, if you wish to make alternate delivery arrangements of an existing order or change the delivery address of a future order, please communicate directly with either you business development executive or the customer service team.

What products are Halal?

All chicken and some beef and lamb products that Holco procure are Halal Certified.  A Halal transfer certificate can be made available upon request.  Ask you Business Development Executive or our Customer Service team about a Halal Transfer Certificate when placing your order.

Where can I get a product or price list?

A product list can be provided to you by a business development executive, alternatively, for Holco Select, a product list is available on the website to Holco Select Product page.

Who do I contact about claiming a credit?

If you need to claim a credit, please contact the sales department in your relevant state.

You will need to provide your:

  1. Customer account number
  2. The invoice number it relates to and,
  3. The product code(s) and weight of product(s) in question.
What products contain allergens?

We are able to supply full ingredient lists. Please contact your Business development Manager

What products are Gluten Free?

We are able to supply full ingredient lists. Please contact your Business development Manager